Shree Venkataramana temple

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Shree Venkataramana Temple is located at Car-street in Mangalore. It is easily accesible by autorickshaws and city buses from hampankatta. In fact it is at a walking distance from the heart of the city. The structure that we see today is a complex that grew over a period of two hundred years, the many structures belonging to different times, but so integrated as to form a cohesive structure.

Shree Venkataramana temple

A small shrine for Lord Venkataramana is constructed in 1736. At the time, it was a small shrine with just a Garbha-griha.

The images under worship were bronze images of Srinivasa group, installed in the temple by the family of one Sri Mhala Pai According to one source in 1804 A.D., a peripatetic Sanyasi visited Mangalore.

He put up a temporary shelter in Car-street and kept a beautiful image of Veera Venkatesha worshipped by him and lived on the offerings of the people. The image, which was very beautiful, attracted great deal of attention. When the crowds began to swell, he moved his shelter to lower car-street to avoid the crowds. The Baba Pai family of this community, obtained this image from the Sanyasi.

Out side view of Shree Venkataramana temple

There is another Story that The Sanyasi came to Mangalore . He kept the idol (which was covered by cloth) at Sahukar Mhal Pai's shop promising of returning soon and to open the cloth covering if he doesn't returns with in few days. Not knowing what is inside no one bother about this packet,till one day when fumes started raising from it. when cloth was removed they found beautiful image of Lord Venkataramana inside. The idol was taken to Shrimad Vibhudendra Thirtha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt who admired the beautiful image and approved of its installation at Sri Venkataramana Temple at Mangalore It is said that four prominent purohits of the community performed the preinstallation ritual for three days continuously and installed the image in the temple in A.D. 1804. The two subshrines for Mukhyaprana and Garuda appear to have been added about this time. The other subshrines for Ganapathi and Laxmi were added about 100 years ago.

Garba gudi

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